Clink! Clink! New Year's Eve at Le Stud

Les Galeries
1-40 | 41-80 | 81-120 | 121-160 | 161-200 | 201-240 | 241-254

Your hosts: Marcia and Ryan of +Rehab+
DJs: Neon LeonMarc Deon
and Rich King
 Midnight Performance by Veronica Klaus
 Set Design: Donovan
 Projectionist: VJ Houston
 Photography: Geof Teague plus some guests too!
 Styling: Christian Landon and Evan Kaminsky at Glama-Rama
 Sound: Hernan at Sounds Good
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crw_8154 crw_8066 crw_8155 crw_8157 crw_8160
crw_8162 crw_8163 crw_8164 crw_8165 crw_8166
crw_8167 crw_8169 crw_8170 crw_8171 crw_8173
crw_8174 crw_8175 crw_8176 crw_8178 crw_8181
crw_8182 crw_8183 crw_8184 crw_8188 crw_8189
crw_8190 crw_8191 crw_8192 crw_8193 crw_8199

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